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Strategic Direction #1
Strengthen the organizational effectiveness and efficiency of community-based literacy agencies

  • Produce resources and provide training opportunities to build organizational capacity in community-based literacy agencies
  • Share external information and tools to strengthen capacity in community-based literacy agencies
  • Pursue projects and initiatives that will help to build the organizational capacity of our member agencies

Strategic Direction #2

Cultivate and sustain strategic partnerships and creative collaborations that benefit the literacy community

  • Pursue strategic partnerships with diverse organizations, government ministries and other stakeholders
  • Showcase the creative partnerships of community-based literacy agencies

Strategic Direction #3

Increase public awareness of literacy and contribute to public policy

  • Create communication tools, information and resources that promote literacy
  • Develop policy positions that support the needs of community-based literacy agencies
  • Showcase the strengths, efficiencies, and accountability mechanisms of community-based literacy agencies

Strategic Direction #4

Advance the use of technology and encourage the use of  innovative practices

  • Promote the uses and benefits of digital technologies
  • Showcase innovative practices used by CLO and our member agencies
  • Pursue linkages with technology-based organizations

Strategic Direction #5

Ensure that CLO is a strong, sustainable, and healthy organization

  • Provide effective services to Ontario’s community-based literacy agencies
  • Maintain a strong focus on strategic issues
  • Promote CLO and the value of our services to our members, literacy network, MTCU, and other key stakeholders
  • Seek to expand CLO’s organizational capacity
  • Pursue other sources of revenue for CLO
  • Explore the development of a social enterprise