Social Media Guidelines

CLO believes in using social media in a way that informs, inspires and shows respect for people.

To ensure a professional online presence, CLO’s social media accounts will follow these procedures:

  • No staff member or volunteer may create any kind of a social media account in CLO’s name without approval from management.
  • Only people approved by CLO’s management may make social media postings on behalf of CLO.
  • CLO’s management will ensure that all social media accounts have proper security and privacy controls.
  • It is the responsibility of CLO’s management to ensure that all postings made by CLO are appropriate.

All social media postings made by CLO will:

  • Show respect for human dignity
  • Respect the spirit of the Ontario Human Rights Code
  • Respect CLO’s core values
  • Respect people’s privacy and confidentiality

CLO considers the following types of postings by us or others on our Facebook page or other social media sites to be unacceptable:

  • Defamatory or offensive postings, including swear words or verbal abuse
  • Postings that are racist or sexist in nature or are a violation of human rights
  • Postings that are against the spirit of the Ontario Human Rights Code
  • Postings that are politically partisan or sectarian in nature
  • Postings from external individuals or organizations that are intended to solicit business for an external individual or company
  • Spam comments
  • Such comments will be removed from our social media accounts
  • Repeat offenders will be warned and, if necessary, banned from our social media accounts