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Community Literacy of Ontario’s Customer Complaint and Resolution Process December 2011
The Board of Directors and staff of Community Literacy of Ontario are committed to providing quality service to its members, stakeholders, learners and clients. We seek to work in an open and accountable way that builds trust and mutual respect.
We continue to improve our services by listening and responding to the views of our members, stakeholders and learners and clients. We value the input of our customers. This includes both complaints and compliments.

CLO’s Customer Complaint and Resolution Process
Community Literacy of Ontario’s Customer Complaint and Resolution Process will follow these steps:

  1. Our Customer Complaint and Resolution Process will be openly posted in a public place in our office and complaint forms will be available upon request via e-mail or in print copy.
  2. Customer complaints must be submitted in writing either in person or via email, fax, or mail. Written complaints should include date of complaint and description or nature of issue.
  3. Complaints will be submitted to CLO’s Office Administrator. Our Office Administrator will log all complaints and all follow-up activities in a Customer Complaint Log. This log will include the nature of the complaint and the date of submission.
  4. To ensure confidentiality, our Customer Complaint Log will be stored in a locked filing cabinet that is accessed only by the Co-Executive Directors and the Office Administrator.
  5. CLO’s Office Administrator will acknowledge all complaints within three business days from date of submission.
  6. CLO’s Co-Executive Directors or designate will follow up and try to resolve all complaints within seven business days from the date the written complaints is received. CLO’s Co-Executive Directors or designate will review and discuss the complaint to try to reach resolution with the complaint.
  7. CLO’s Co-Executive Directors or designate will follow up again with the complainant 14 business days after the original complaint was made to assess complainant satisfaction with how we resolved the issue.
  8. If the complainant is still not satisfied with the response from CLO’s staff to their complaint, they may submit a written appeal to our Office Administrator, which will be sent to the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of Community Literacy of Ontario. The Executive Committee will respond in writing to the complainant within 10 business days after the written appeal is submitted. The decision of the Executive Committee will be final.
  9. Information in Customer Complaint Log will remain on file for one year. After this time, all records will be destroyed to ensure confidentiality of the customer.
  10. In order to continually improve our services, CLO’s Board of Directors will review annually an anonymous summary of all complaints received in order and adjust policy and operations as required.

We love compliments! Community Literacy of Ontario would greatly value knowing when you have been impressed or pleased with our services. Please tell us about your positive experiences via email, fax, telephone or mail. We will use these compliments to further improve our services and increase the morale of our staff and volunteers.