Community Literacy of Ontario has produced a wide variety of practical and low-cost e-books related to organizational capacity development and online learning.

A full listing of our e-books is available here:  www.amazon.com/Community-Literacy-of-Ontario/e/B007F374WW


Love Letters to Literacy
LL2L cover page

Looking for inspiration? Community Literacy of Ontario has the answer for you! We have created a beautiful new ebook on Amazon Kindle called: “Love Letters to Literacy: An inspirational collection of letters, stories & poems from adult literacy students”.

“Love Letters” is available as an ebook on Amazon during the month of October for just $1.30.
Please support literacy by purchasing this inspiring and important book. Thank you!

• Amazon Canada: www.amazon.ca/Love-Letters-Literacy- inspirational-collection-ebook/dp/B015OWZUGM

• Amazon USA: www.amazon.com/Love-Letters-Literacy- inspirational-collection-ebook/dp/B015OWZUGM


Board Governance Resource Guide

board governance image for website

This guide offers a user-friendly, step-by-step process designed to help nonprofit organizations strengthen their board capacity. It covers board roles and responsibilities, governance structures, boards and risk management, board development, effective meetings, and board evaluation.

• Amazon Canada: www.amazon.ca/Governance-Resource-Nonprofit-Organizations-ebook/dp/B00AXN7WYG

• Amazon USA: www.amazon.com/Governance-Resource-Nonprofit-Organizations-ebook/dp/B00AXN7WYG


Step-By-Step Guide to Effective Proposal Writing for Nonprofit Organizations


This resource will walk you through the process of writing a great proposal. Our useful guide will teach you how to effectively plan your proposal, research key trends, understand grantmakers, identify funding sources, understand the common elements of a proposal, and avoid common mistakes.

• Amazon Canada: www.amazon.ca/Effective-Proposal-Nonprofit-Organizations-ebook/dp/B0096FN69M
• Amazon USA: www.amazon.com/Step-By-Step-Effective-Nonprofit-Organizations-ebook/dp/B0096FN69M


Play it Safe: Cyber Risks & Internet Safety  playing it safe

In “Playing it Safe: Cyber Risks & Internet Safety”, you will find many helpful tools and resources to help you stay safe online whether you are surfing the web or using social media. This guide has tips for safe digital behavior and creating safe passwords. It shares information on increasing your online privacy and understanding and managing the risk to your reputation. There is also a section with resources about keeping children safe online. This guide includes policies for increasing internet safety at home, at work and at school. You will also find information about using wireless internet and about choosing security software. Finally, we have included a section that dispels some of the common myths around internet risks, along with more resources staying safe.

• Amazon Canada: www.amazon.ca/Playing-Safe-Internet-Safety-ebook/dp/B00EE8DSDK
• Amazon USA: www.amazon.com/Playing-Safe-Internet-Safety-ebook/dp/B00EE8DSDK


Reducing Risk/Protecting People: An Annotated Guide to 40 Free, Online Risk Management Resourcesreducing_risk_cover

“Reducing Risk/Protecting People” shares tools, resources and online training opportunities designed to help organizations improve their risk management processes and policies in the following areas of risk management: cyber risks; finance; governance; human resources; privacy; safety and security; and risk to reputation.

• Amazon Canada: www.amazon.ca/Reducing-Risk-Protecting-People-ebook/dp/B00BR2UFIM
• Amazon USA: www.amazon.com/Reducing-Risk-Protecting-People-ebook/dp/B00BR2UFIM


Effective Strategies for Volunteer RecognitionES_vol_recognition

Volunteers are the heart and soul of many nonprofit and charitable organizations. The guide covers the latest trends in volunteer recognition and gives you practical ideas for thanking your volunteers. This useful guide provides information on how to link recognition strategies to volunteer motivations.

• Amazon Canada: www.amazon.ca/Effective-Strategies-Volunteer-Recognition-ebook/dp/B0089DXOF8
• Amazon USA: www.amazon.com/Effective-Strategies-Volunteer-Recognition-ebook/dp/B0089DXOF8


Digital Discoveries: Guide to Online Learning with Adult Literacy Learners

Digital Discoveries - Kindle Cover for website

This guide provides an extensive overview of promising practices and strategies for online learning in the classroom. “Digital Discoveries” overviews popular digital learning technologies (including blogs, social networking, instructional websites, e-readers, cloud computing, podcasting and more). The guide also includes an extensive annotated list of popular and useful digital learning resources.

• Amazon Canada: www.amazon.ca/Digital-Discoveries-Learning-Literacy-ebook/dp/B007F1BZ0Q
• Amazon USA: www.amazon.com/Digital-Discoveries-Learning-Literacy-ebook/dp/B007F1BZ0Q



Learnzilla—Guide to 30 Awesome, Fun and Free Learning Websites to Help Elementary Students with Reading, Writing and MathES_vol_retention_02

LEARNZILLA is a helpful, practical annotated guide to 30 learning websites designed to help elementary students with reading, writing and math. All of the websites are FREE, fun, child-centred, easy to use, and are sure to engage children in the learning process.

• Amazon Canada: www.amazon.ca/LEARNZILLA-Learning-Websites-Elementary-ebook/dp/B008FZSPLI
• Amazon USA: www.amazon.com/LEARNZILLA-Learning-Websites-Elementary-ebook/dp/B008FZSPLI