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Practika Learning offers dynamic webinars, customized to the needs of your organization and its members. Our webinars are led by skilled facilitators who share engaging content, real-life examples, sample policies, best practices, strategies and practical tools specific to the needs of your organization. Our webinars offer a cost-effective solution to professional development by allowing your staff and members to participate virtually in helpful training opportunities, thus saving travel time and travel costs.

 Practika Learning offers a compelling selection of 60 to 90-minute webinars. These webinars are personalized to your organization and can accommodate up to 90 participants via the latest webinar technology. Your webinar can be recorded and made available to you for an additional two weeks at no extra cost. Our webinar topics include:

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See detailed descriptions below.

Practika Learning can also provide support for YOU to deliver your own webinar! Do you have information or workshop content of your own? Would you love to share your expertise with your stakeholders in an affordable way? Practika Learning can make it happen! Our experts will guide you and your team through the process of developing a successful workshop webinar online. Set-up, registration, promotion, technical support, facilitation support and evaluation processes will be prepared for you as part of our service. You will also be provided with a recorded version of your webinar.

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If you would like more information on the services provided by Practika Learning, whether it is about delivering one of our webinar topics; or about how we can support you in the delivery of  a webinar with content YOU have created, please do not hesitate to contact our staff team via: 


Phone:  705-733-2312

We look forward to connecting with you.






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The Fantastic Four: Popular Social Media Tools

There is a social media revolution going on out there! Have you ever wanted to know more some of the most popular technologies?

If your answer is yes, then the “Fantastic Four” webinar is for you! In this webinar, CLO overviews four popular social media tools (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and blogs). We also showcase practical examples of these technologies in action and share steps to getting started and effectively using each  technology.


Getting Friendly with Facebook

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In this webinar, CLO demonstrates the ins and outs of how to set up an organizational Facebook page and discusses the difference between setting personal profiles and organizational pages. You will see examples of organizations that use Facebook effectively which will help you learn how to create your own effective and engaging content. Finally, we will explore Facebook Insights to help you understand how your posts are reaching your followers. This hands-on webinar will help you understand how to get your organization started on Facebook and how it can be a valuable tool for resource sharing, promotions and networking.


Cyber Risks Webinar

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As organizations become increasingly involved in online learning, social media and other digital tools, it is important that they develop policies and procedures to help them establish and maintain a professional online presence and reputation. During this webinar, CLO will overview issues to consider and share examples of good practices, checklists, real-life examples and sample policies.



 Making the Magic Happen: Board Roles and Responsibilities

Our newest webinar that explores key roles of the Board of Directors and demonstrates how clarifying board responsibilities can lead to more effective governance and operations. Helpful (and free) online resources and case studies of Boards in action will be shared in an engaging Q&A format.



Taming Twitter

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In this hands-on webinar, CLO demonstrates how to set up a Twitter profile and explains how to tweet and retweet. You will learn about hashtags, mentions, modified tweets, and private tweets. We will tell you about search functions, chats and lists and how to use them to your advantage. You will discover how to create a following and how to find interesting and relevant profiles to follow. We will also share examples of organizations that use Twitter effectively and help you learn how to create your own effective and engaging content. We’ll discuss how Twitter can help you reach out and network with people and organizations around the world.


Safety and Security Webinar

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It’s all about creating environments that will help to keep staff, clients, students, volunteers and other stakeholders safe. In this webinar, sample policies, procedures, real-life examples and promising practices to help organizations create and maintain safe physical work environments will be shared.



Risk to Reputation Webinar

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Organizations often work hard to create and maintain a positive presence in their communities. However, reputations are hard to build but can be easily lost.

In the words of Warren Buffet “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it”. In this webinar, strategies, sample policies and procedures, promising practices and real-life examples on how to manage and minimize the risk to your organization’s reputation will be shared.



Protecting Privacy Webinar

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This webinar overviews issues and solutions for protecting privacy and it will also explore a variety of helpful websites, sample policies, checklists and other resources. CLO will overview ten key principles of privacy. Real-life examples will be highlighted and the latest requirements and resources on the critical topic of protecting privacy will be shared.