The following recorded webinars are free. Just click the link provided for each webinar, sit back and enjoy.

Apprenticeship & Skilled Trades Resource Sharing Fair
Representatives from Community Literacy of Ontario, the College Sector Committee for Adult Upgrading and the Tri-County Literacy Network share some of their favourite resources and expertise to help support LBS agencies who have learners with apprenticeship/skilled trades goals.
Community Literacy of Ontario and the Ontario Association of Adult and Continuing Education School Board Administrators (CESBA) are proud to present this webinar exploring Labour Market Information (LMI) and how it can be useful support learners with goals related to education, apprenticeship and employment. This webinar is facilitated by Anthony Mantione, Senior Economist from the Labour Market Information Council (LMIC), and Helen Cranley, Director of the Information Management and Strategy Branch (Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development). As well, you will find a summary of the Webinar Highlights HERE and you can access the Resources and Tools document HERE.
WEBINAR – Service Coordination:

Perspectives on Partnering and Planning in LBS This is an informative webinar, looking at different views of Service Coordination as it interlinks with the stages of LBS Learner Plans. Through presentation and discussion we will explore:

• What is service coordination?
• What types of coordination are common in LBS?
• How can we integrate service coordination with learner plan development and supervision?
• What are some examples from various LBS delivery agencies across the province?
• How has the Covid 19 pandemic affected our service coordination?
• What can we do to build better bridges?

This webinar provides an opportunity for CLO to share some of its 2020 research on this important topic and will also provide participants an opportunity to share their experiences and knowledge. As well, you will find a summary of the Webinar Highlights HERE.

FACEBOOK DEMYSTIFIED: How Facebook Can Super-charge Your Marketing
 Is it time to go from drab to fab? Would you like to learn how to super-charge your LBS agency’s Facebook Page? Are you interested in learning best practices, tips and tricks to enhance your marketing and community engagement on Facebook? Then be sure to view Community Literacy of Ontario’s “Facebook Demystified” webinar. This webinar was originally delivered live on June 12, 2019.

As well, we are pleased to share the accompanying “Tips and Tools” highlights that summarize this webinar. You can access the PDF here.

“HANDS ON, SKILLS UP!” Experiential Learning in LBS” On March 6 and 19, 2019, Community Literacy of Ontario held two webinars that shared successful approaches to experiential learning in LBS. We briefly overviewed our research, then guest speakers shared initiatives happening in their LBS programs.
“Occupational Curriculum Online Resource Fair”
On December 5, 2018 Community Literacy of Ontario held an Occupational Curriculum Online Resource Fair. CLO was delighted to bring together LBS practitioners from across Ontario to learn about some of the helpful occupational curriculum being used in LBS programs.
“HANDS ON, SKILLS UP!” Employment-Related Experiential Learning in LBS
(Presented on November 30, and December 4, 2017) Community Literacy of Ontario conducted research into employment-related experiential learning opportunities in Literacy and Basic Skills programs in Ontario. In partnership with CESBA, the webinar shares the resulting knowledge with you! 
What’s Up? The State of Volunteerism in LBS
Presented on Sept. 26 and 29, 2017, this interactive one-hour webinar, CLO explores strategies and resources to recruit, support, and engage volunteers in traditional roles and in new roles in LBS programming. Real-life examples showcase the state of volunteerism in LBS.
The Art of the Tweet
Presented on May 18, 2017, The Art of the Tweet explores how to build an impactful profile on Twitter and how to create Tweets to better promote your organization and engage your stakeholders.
Put Your Best Facebook Forward Presented on May 10, 2017, Put Your Best Facebook Forward we explore how to build an impactful profile on Facebook, and how to create posts to better promote your organization and engage your stakeholders.
Service Coordination in Literacy and Basic Skills – Trials and Tribulations Presented March 23, 2017. Service Co-ordination is a top priority for LBS agencies to help meet the varied needs of the learners in your programs. And based on the needs of individual learners and the make-up of your communities, service co-ordination can be very different from learner to learner, and from community to community. In this interactive one-hour webinar, CLO discussed challenges, successes and best practices related to this important function. Real-life examples were shared to showcase agency struggles and agency successes.
Using Canadian Language Benchmarks to Improve the LBS Intake/Referral Process November 2016 — Community Literacy of Ontario and CESBA present the “Using the Canadian Language Benchmarks to Improve the Literacy and Basic Skills Intake/Referral Process” webinar.
This informative webinar will improve your understanding of the Canadian Language Benchmarks and how they can be used to support effective intake and referrals for ESL learners in Literacy and Basic Skills programs. The webinar will increase your awareness of how the Canadian Language Benchmarks relate to workplace communication demands and of resources that support ESL learners’ communication skills. One tool that was featured was the Workplace Language Assessment Pre-screener tool which can be used to help make referrals for non-English speaking clients to the various learning and employment pathways.
Social Media Risk Management February 2016 — CLO’s “Social Media Risk Management” – We all spend a lot of time online these days. We learn online, share resources, and connect with colleagues, family and friends. Much of the time we spend online involves social media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more! But how do we stay safe, protect our privacy and manage our reputations while using social media? Learn about social media risk management including how to safeguard your privacy, protect your online reputation and more in this webinar.
Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program Best Practices February 2016 — CLO’s “Recipes for Success: OW and ODSP Best Practices” – Almost 40% of adult learners in Ontario’s LBS programs receive income through Ontario Works (OW) or the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP). We recognize these clients often have additional or more complex needs, and we want to help you meet them.In this 54-minute webinar, Summer Burton, of Literacy Link South Central presents resources to help you engage vulnerable OW and ODSP clients in LBS programming. The webinar will provide strategies to cultivate effective partnerships to support your OW and ODSP clients.
Mental Health Awareness February 2015 — CLO’s “Mental Health Awareness” – In this 82-minute webinar, Wendy Stanyon, of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology discusses the symptoms of common mental illnesses and offers self-help strategies and treatment options. We encourage everyone to review the MINDSITE website prior to listening to the webinar to discover the information and tools on mental illness available. You must register on the site to access the information at:
Social Media Marketing: Focus on Facebook February 2015 — CLO’s “Social Media Marketing: Focus on Facebook” – In this 75-minute webinar, helpful tools and resources developed as part of CLO’s Social Media Marketing project are showcased. We will explore how to use Facebook in your marketing scheme. A basic knowledge of this technology is recommended.
Social Media Marketing: Taming Twitter January 2015 — CLO’s “Social Media Marketing: Taming Twitter” – In this 75-minute webinar, helpful tools and resources developed as part of CLO’s Social Media Marketing project are showcased. Explore how your marketing may be enhanced by using one of the most popular social media technologies: Twitter. A basic knowledge of this technology is recommended.
Making the Magic Happen: Board Roles + Responsibilities December 2014 — CLO’s “Making the Magic Happen: Board Roles + Responsibilities” webinar will be of particular interest to Executive Directors and Board Directors of not-for-profit boards in Ontario or anyone thinking of running for a board position.
Innovative Program Planning: A Case Study for Working with Ontario Works and First Nations Learners October 2014 — CLO’s “Innovative Program Planning: A Case Study for Working with Ontario Works and First Nations Learners” webinar will be of particular interest to Executive Directors and frontline staff. The staff at the Valley Adult Learning Association (VALA) know that it takes creativity and innovation to make new programming succeed.  And CLO knows that Literacy and Basic Skills agencies are always interested in exploring options to help provide excellent services to their clients and their community stakeholders.  This two-hour webinar will lead you through a case study that focuses on a specialized program:  Introduction to Administration that VALA developed to meet the needs of Ontario Works clients and First Nations Learners in their community.You will learn about the challenges and the successes that VALA encountered along the way to service delivery. Participants will leave this webinar with strategies, promising practices and samples to help you implement new programming and provide seamless pathways.
LBS + Employers: Relationship Building March 2014 — CLO’s “LBS and Employers: Relationship Building” webinar looks at how some LBS agencies are working with employers in their communities as well as the challenges and some of the possibilities. CLO will share examples from its research of how community-based agencies are linking with employers. CLO was joined by Community Learning Alternatives (Belleville) and the Literacy Council of South Temiskaming (Haileybury) to talk about how they have been able to engage with employers in their regions. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear from literacy colleagues and perhaps to be inspired by the possibilities.
Innovation + LBS = Success March 2014 — CLO’s “Innovation + LBS = Success” webinar shares innovative partnerships developed in a variety of literacy agencies to link literacy with Ontario Works, employers, and the local community. You will learn all about some great initiatives happening around our province. Prepare to be inspired! 
Literacy and OW Best Practices November 2013 — “LBS & OW: Best Practices in Serving OW Clients” was presented by Keith Harford, a long-time LBS instructor and former CLO Board member. In the webinar, Keith shared findings from CLO’s research conducted with members about their experiences working with OW clients. Keith also shared helpful resources, effective teaching strategies and promising practices for successfully working with this client group.
Service Coordination Success Stories April 2013 — In this webinar, CLO highlights the benefits of effective service coordination and of creating seamless client pathways between local delivery agencies. The webinar also showcased various success stories from around Ontario.
Growing Numeracy Skills – Resources to Support the Understand and Use Numbers Competency March 2016 –Community Literacy of Ontario presents a webinar that showcases a multitude of resources that support the development of numeracy skills within the Understand and Use Numbers competency.
In this 67-minute webinar, Joyce Bigelow, a respected Literacy and Basic Skills practitioner, highlights what has been blooming recently in the LBS numeracy domain. Joyce shares examples of practical and user-friendly resources and she also plants some new ideas on how to use these resources in your programs. .
Manage Money, Manage Time March 2015 — CLO’s “Manage Money, Manage Time” – In this webinar, Community Literacy of Ontario outlines the new modules for the OALCF Numeracy in Action.
Use Measures, Manage Data and Additional Resources March 2015 — CLO’s “Use Measures, Manage Data and Additional Resources” – In this webinar, Community Literacy of Ontario outlines the new modules for the OALCF Numeracy in Action.
Literacy Basics’ Information and Referral Module  Information and Referral is the first of the five services provided by LBS Service Delivery Agencies to individuals, partner agencies and the community. This webinar was delivered to LBS practitioners on Thursday, January 9, 2014 and showcased elements from CLO’s Information and Referral module from its Literacy Basics Training website.
Literacy Basics’ Assessment Module  On Thursday, January 23, 2014, CLO delivered this webinar to LBS practitioners to review highlights of its Literacy Basics’ Assessment module. Particular attention was focused on MTCU’s requirements for this service delivery function.
Literacy Basics’ Learner Plan Development Module Every learner is unique and on Thursday, February 6, 2014 CLO’s webinar provided an overview of the components from CLO’s Learner Plan Development module hosted on the Literacy Basics Training website.
Literacy Basics’ Training Module  On Thursday, March 6, 2014, CLO provided LBS practitioners with an overview of its new Literacy Basics module featuring the service delivery function of Training. The webinar sharex highlights from the module’s components and how they can be used for practitioner training.
Literacy Basics’ Follow-up Module  This webinar was delivered by CLO on Thursday, March 20, 2014 and provided an overview of the Follow-Up module on Literacy Basics training website. CLO shared how the module can help establish and maintain a process for receiving ongoing feedback and information from other service providers int he community, from employers where appropriate, and from learners.

Leadership and Performance Management in LBS This webinar provides an overview of performance management systems. It also highlights the critical role of leaders in an outcomes-based service model and the connection between performance management and service excellence. (November 2012)
Business Intelligence and Reports  This webinar focuses on two of the three components of the LBS PMS:

  • The Performance Measurement Framework: the service quality standard, core measures and organiational capacity
  • Business Intelligence: the use of CaMS data and reports to make evidence-based decisions and service improvements. The Detailed Service Quality Report will be reviewed in detail.  (December 2012)
Continuous Improvement and Data Analysis This webinar focuses on the third component of LBS PMS – Continuous Improvement: the integration of measuring and planning into the fabric of the organization. It shows how data “tells a story” of past performance and provides key information to support future-focused evidence-based decision making from agency, regional, sector and provincial perspectives. (December 2012)
 Privacy Privacy is an extremely important topic for LBS agencies, to MTCU, to other government ministries and to the general public. This webinar provides tools, resources and training to help improve risk management policies and processes. (November 2012)
 Cyber Risks  CLO provides a one hour webinar on cyber risk. An overview of issues to consider are presented and examples of good practices, checklists, real-life examples and sample policies on social media and digital learning. (January 2013)
 Safety & Security  The first priority of risk management is protecting people, and that means keeping staff, learners, volunteers and visitors safe and secure. Risk management must incorporate physical safety and security. (February 2013)
 Risk to Reputation  Risk to reputation is a concern regardless of what activities literacy agencies are involved with.  Whether it’s an issue of human resources management, financial management, protecting privacy, marketing, safety and security, teaching, partnering, fundraising or communicating. Reputations can take yars to build and just a moment to damage. This video shares tips and strategies for building and maintaining a strong reputation. (March 2013)
 An Overview of the OALCF and Assessment  March 2012; Funded by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities
 The OALCF: Exploring Assessment Tools and Development an Assessment Strategy  March 2012; Funded by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities