The Webinar Series

Community Literacy of Ontario and Literacy Link South Central are pleased to present a series of recorded webinars on the topic of evaluation in Ontario’s non-profit organizations. Our series of six webinars explore the benefits and challenges of evaluation in your non-profit organization. Discussion of evaluation trends, tips and techniques for collecting evaluation data, making sense of the data, and exploring how to make evaluation work for you and your organization.

These webinars share helpful strategies, tools, templates and resources to simplify the evaluation process for non-profit organizations. Just click on the play button to view any of the recorded webinars.

Webinar #1: Let the Adventure Begin: Developing a Culture of Evaluation in Your Non-Profit OrganizationPicture of a group of people going down a set of rapids in river raft.

videoformarketingCommunity Literacy of Ontario and Literacy Link South Central welcomes all non-profits to view the “Let the Adventure Begin” webinar. This webinar will help you to get your mojo going by helping you discover how to introduce a culture of evaluation to your non-profit organization from the bottom up. The webinar examines what a culture of evaluation can mean for staff, volunteers, clients and even funders. Starting with a solid foundation and motivating stakeholders is key to a successful evaluation adventure. 

Webinar #2 – Trending Topics: Social Media and EvaluationImage of bulletin board with the words social media on it.

videoformarketingEverywhere you look, it’s a digital world! From Skyping toddlers to cyber grandparents, to the power of social media, digital technology surrounds us.  For non-profit organizations, using social media during the evaluation process provides us with new opportunities to engage stakeholders, gather and analyze data, and share the results in engaging ways. This webinar explores how you could use Facebook, Twitter and other social media during the evaluation process. 

Webinar #3 – Collecting Data: Beyond Survey Monkey

videoformarketingCollecting evaluation data is about so much more than just conducting surveys. Join us as we help you develop a culture of evaluation in your non-profit organization as we explore the many ways you can effectively and efficiently collect data, both formally and informally.  This introductory webinar is designed for people who work or volunteer in small non-profit organizations. 

Webinar #4 – Meet Your Friends, Followers and Fans: Social Media Analytics

social media imagevideoformarketingYou’ve got a Facebook page and a Twitter account, but how do you know if they are effectively engaging your audience? In this webinar, Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics are introduced. Also, how your non-profit organization can analyze and evaluate social media engagement and impact including how to identify your most effective posts and tweets, the best times for posting, the audience you are reaching and more. This webinar was designed for people who work or volunteer in small non-profit organizations and who have a basic knowledge of Facebook and Twitter.


 Webinar #5 – Lights, Camera, Action! Five Steps to Implementing Your Evaluation

videoformarketingSo, you’ve collected and analyzed your evaluation data and now it’s time to take action! But where should you start? Taking action can feel daunting, and sometimes the evaluation process can stall. This webinar will lead you through five user-friendly steps to help you implement your evaluation results and take the leap from data to action!


Webinar #6 – Getting Heard in A Noisy World: Using Digital Media to Tell Your Evaluation Story

Getting Heard in a Noisy World” is the final instalment in a series of six webinars that explore how to make evaluation work for you and your organization. This webinar is designed for people who work or volunteer in small non-profit organizations.







This webinar series was developed as part of the Developing a Culture of Evaluation project, a joint initiative of Community Literacy of Ontario and Literacy Link South Central with funding from the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade.