These recorded clinics focus on key topics that have identified as being important as well as key topics that our researchers have identified as “need-to-know”.


February 16, 2017 


Lessons Learned…so far!

This is the last clinic in a series of 10 online discussions about evaluation in a nonprofit organization. Listen as the project team shares key points in the evaluation process to help strengthen your organization’s culture of evaluation. 



December 7, 2016 Tell Me a Story: Qualitative Information for Evaluative Purposes

“Stories are data with a soul.” Brene Brown
Research and numbers inform us about community needs, trends and impact. Through stories, we can add deeper meaning to that information. Through stories, we can see and share the humanity in data. Join us to learn how to collect stories (qualitative information) and use them for evaluation purposes. Together we’ll explore how to strike the right balance between data and stories so that you can show a comprehensive view of your impact.

October 5, 2016 Mission: Possible

“Small organizations only have the resources to do what they HAVE to do.”

“When you don’t have the time and resources, it’s the evaluation piece that gets cut.”

Nonprofits have told us that they don’t have the financial and human resources to do evaluation to the extent that they want to. Yet, we all recognize that evaluation is a powerful tool that helps to maintain the important programming or programs provided by Ontario’s non-profits. This clinic discusses how we can make better use of our current evaluation practices and how to maximize our resources to get the most out of our evaluation efforts.

June 1, 2016 Failure Is An Option

Failure doesn’t define you. It makes you stronger. The same is true within your organization. Failure is a learning tool to help guide you, making your programs, projects and services stronger and better than before.

There’s no longer a need to fear saying, “Things didn’t work out as we had planned.” Join us to learn how to identify when things aren’t going well while your initiatives are in progress. Together we’ll explore the positive side of failure and how to incorporate failure in to an evaluation report.

May 11, 2016 Ask the External Evaluator

Is the world of external evaluation a mystery to you? You might think that an external evaluator is a not a good fit for your small non-profit organization. You’d be surprised to find out the innovative ways that external evaluators are enhancing the good work that other small non-profits do!
This clinic explores the many ways that external evaluators are working with non-profit organizations. The clinic helps to develop an understanding of when it’s appropriate to use an external evaluator and what approaches work best to get the most benefits from the support that an external evaluator can offer.

April 6, 2016 Evaluate for Funding

How Will You Measure Your Impact?
Funders require you to include your framework for evaluation when you apply for the funding. The challenge becomes taking your ideas and piecing them into measurable segments. How do you know what the impact will be when you haven’t done the activity yet?
This clinic discusses how to address evaluation in a funding proposal and how to determine the budgeting needs for those evaluation activities.

February 3, 2016 Ask the Funder

The fourth webinar in the series presented by Community Literacy of Ontario and Literacy Link South Central for the project Culture of Evaluation. The webinar discusses how evaluation is playing a major role in funding. This online clinic explores the changing evaluation needs of funders, with discussion of evaluation in the past, present and in the future. Guest speakers, from the funding profession, offer a glimpse into their world and their realities.

January 6, 2016 Evaluation Fitness Resolutions for Non-profit Organizations    

The third webinar in a series presented by Community Literacy of Ontario and Literacy Link South Central for the project Culture of Evaluation. The webinar discusses planning for evaluation fitness within non-profit organizations and provides numerous resource suggestions for developing evaluation. Guest speakers include Sara-lynn Hodgkin, from The Natural Step, and Tamara Kaattari from Literacy Link South Central.

December 2, 2015 Ask a Nonprofit    

In the summer of 2015, Ontario’s non-profits were asked about their evaluation practices and challenges. Evaluation of programs and services is in greater demand by funders. Proving a program’s value to community members is also increasing in importance. Small non-profits are feeling the pressure and often feel alone ins their evaluation struggles.

This webinar discusses evaluation practices that are currently happening and some of the innovative ways that organizations are meeting their evaluation challenges. Community Literacy of Ontario and Literacy Link South Central invite you to listen to the recorded webinar to hear what they said.

November 4, 2015 A Culture of Evaluation
This “Culture of Evaluation” clinic explored building an evaluative culture in your organization.
The clinic discussed:
  •  ways to manage and explore what a “Culture of Evaluation” might look like within your team 
  • the evaluation roles people could play at all various levels within your organization